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[Mar. 13th, 2006|09:09 pm]
The Insensitive MC
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]

Stuckie Dan: http://www.myspace.com/CarlWinslow
Stuckie Dan: i just added him
Professor Pesto: lolz
Professor Pesto: how did you find that
Stuckie Dan: collegehumor.com
Professor Pesto: he's awesome
Stuckie Dan: indeed
Professor Pesto: hahaha, he does hate white people
Professor Pesto: he said it on that one episode
Professor Pesto: to Eddie
Stuckie Dan: he did?
Professor Pesto: Urkle had a white girlfriend...
Professor Pesto: and she had glasses too and was also clumsy
Professor Pesto: and you know how much Carl hated Urkle
Stuckie Dan: haha right
Professor Pesto: so Eddie and Carl were in the kitchen and Carl was all serious and standing in his uniform and was all ashamed and confused because he didn't understand his anger
Stuckie Dan: hahahaha
Professor Pesto: so Eddie taught him all about tolerance
Stuckie Dan: hahaha
Professor Pesto: and it was a son teaching father moment and the strings were playing intensely
Stuckie Dan: hahahaha
Professor Pesto: and Urkle's girlfriend came over, I think her name was Ursula, and she was an exchange student
Stuckie Dan: ha
Professor Pesto: and her and Carl bonded because he understood the meaning of tolerance via Eddie
Stuckie Dan: right
Professor Pesto: then Aunt Winslow backed her car up into her she died and the grandma buried her underneath the daughter's giant dollhouse of bigotry and Carl was relieved because he fucking hates cracka ass crackas
Professor Pesto: do you remember that episode?
Stuckie Dan: nope haha
Professor Pesto: it would be awesome if that really was an episode
Stuckie Dan: oh you made all that shit up?
Stuckie Dan: what the fuck
Professor Pesto: hahahaha yeah
Stuckie Dan: it was believable until the killing her part
Stuckie Dan: but I was like "maybe"
Professor Pesto: it's even more awesome that you pictured all of it and accepted it
Professor Pesto: I love lies